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Pastors Tim and Linda are the founders and senior pastors of The Experience Church in Bridgeport, Ohio. The Experience Church is a creative church that presents God and his plan for us in a compelling, easy to understand way, so that people may personally encounter him and begin to live the life of a fully devoted follower.

Pastors Tim and Linda have three daughters and one Son in law: Betsy and Katyn, who serve on the Worship Team, Larissa, who serves in TE childcare, and Nate, who is TE’s Creative Director and Worship Leader.

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Tim Seidler

Pastor Tim Seidler has a desire for the church to be an authentic community where people can be themselves and become devoted followers of Jesus. He is passionate about God and shares His Word with energy and conviction. Tim excels in leadership development and training, and challenges others to strive for their potential and purpose. He stands by the motto: “You need teamwork to make the dream work,” and he is committed to building a team of people who will lead others into a real relationship with Jesus.

Also known for his creativity, Tim maximizes elements in designing and creating an unexpected worship experience. Tim enjoys creatively challenging people to meet Jesus, then encourages them to continue to take their relationship with Him to the next level.

Linda Seidler

Pastor Linda Seidler has a deep love for encouraging people and is compelled to be a messenger of hope. She leverages her voice and her writing to inspire others to believe in themselves, rise up strong and emerge in confidence. It is from that place of passion that she stays driven to help others find hope and purpose and encouraging them to believe that they truly matter and have great purpose.

Linda is a writer, speaker, leader and pastor and has a strong passion for building the local church. She and her husband, Tim, co-founded The Experience Church in Bridgeport, Ohio, where they lead and pastor together. Linda’s drive is to energize the church to reach its full potential and to develop and strengthen leadership. In her spare time, Linda loves to peruse the local thrift and salvage stores and has an affinity for repurposing existing furniture and items for her home.